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About Course

Introduction to Abacus:

  • History and origin of the abacus
  • Understanding the basic structure of the abacus
  • Importance and relevance of abacus in modern times

Abacus Basics:

  • Introduction to the beads and columns
  • Understanding place values
  • Techniques for using the abacus efficiently
  • Basic operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division)

Advanced Abacus Techniques:

  • Mental calculations using the abacus
  • Speed building exercises
  • Decimal calculations
  • Square roots and cube roots

Applications of Abacus:

  • How abacus skills can improve mental math abilities
  • Practical applications in daily life
  • Using the abacus for complex calculations
  • Career opportunities for abacus experts

Abacus Exercises and Practice:

  • Hands-on exercises for mastering basic operations
  • Practice sessions for improving speed and accuracy
  • Advanced exercises for challenging mental calculations
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What Will You Learn?

  • Master the basics of using the abacus for arithmetic operations
  • Develop mental math skills and enhance calculation speed
  • Learn advanced techniques for complex calculations
  • Understand the practical applications of abacus in various fields
  • Gain confidence in performing calculations accurately and efficiently

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