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About Course

Module 1: Introduction to Import-Export Business

  • Overview of Import-Export Industry
  • Importance and Benefits of Import-Export Business
  • Understanding International Trade Regulations

Module 2: Market Research and Analysis

  • Conducting Market Research
  • Identifying Potential Markets
  • Analyzing Market Trends and Demands

Module 3: Legal and Regulatory Compliance

  • Understanding Import-Export Laws and Regulations
  • Documentation and Customs Clearance Procedures
  • Compliance with International Trade Laws

Module 4: International Shipping and Logistics

  • Freight Forwarding and Shipping Methods
  • Incoterms and their Applications
  • Managing Supply Chain and Logistics Operations

Module 5: Pricing and Negotiation Strategies

  • Pricing Strategies for Import-Export Business
  • Negotiation Techniques with Suppliers and Buyers
  • Contract Management and Terms Negotiation

Module 6: Payment Methods and Financing

  • International Payment Methods
  • Trade Financing Options
  • Risk Management in Import-Export Transactions

Module 7: Export Marketing and Promotion

  • Developing Export Marketing Plans
  • Promotional Strategies for International Markets
  • Building Brand Presence in Global Markets

Module 8: Import-Export Documentation

  • Understanding Import-Export Documents
  • Invoice, Bill of Lading, and other essential documents
  • Importance of Accurate Documentation

Module 9: Cultural and Language Considerations

  • Cultural Sensitivity in International Business
  • Language Barriers and Communication Strategies
  • Adapting to Different Business Cultures

Module 10: Import-Export Business Management

  • Managing Import-Export Operations
  • Risk Assessment and Mitigation
  • Strategies for Business Growth and Expansion
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What Will You Learn?

  • Understanding the fundamentals of the import-export business.
  • Conducting market research and analysis for identifying potential markets.
  • Comprehending legal and regulatory compliance requirements.
  • Managing international shipping and logistics effectively.
  • Implementing pricing and negotiation strategies.
  • Exploring various payment methods and financing options.
  • Developing export marketing plans and promotional strategies.
  • Mastering import-export documentation procedures.
  • Adapting to cultural and language considerations in international trade.
  • Managing import-export business operations and mitigating risks.

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