International Business

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About Course

  1. Introduction to International Business
    • Definition and scope of international business
    • Importance of international trade
    • Historical context and evolution of globalization
  2. Trade Theories and Policies
    • Comparative advantage theory
    • Absolute advantage theory
    • Trade barriers and protectionism
    • Free trade agreements and international organizations (e.g., WTO, IMF, World Bank)
  3. Global Market Entry Strategies
    • Modes of entry (exporting, licensing, joint ventures, etc.)
    • Risk assessment and mitigation strategies
    • Market research and entry planning
  4. Cultural Considerations in International Business
    • Hofstede’s cultural dimensions theory
    • Cross-cultural communication
    • Cultural sensitivity and adaptation
  5. International Legal Framework
    • International contracts and agreements
    • Intellectual property rights protection
    • Dispute resolution mechanisms
  6. Managing Multinational Corporations
    • Organizational structures of MNCs
    • Global supply chain management
    • Ethical considerations in global business operations
  7. Emerging Trends in International Business
    • Technological advancements and their impact
    • Sustainability and corporate social responsibility
    • Political and economic risk analysis
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What Will You Learn?

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of international business theories and practices.
  • Develop skills in analyzing and addressing challenges in global markets.
  • Enhance cross-cultural communication and negotiation abilities.
  • Explore emerging trends shaping the future of international business.
  • Apply theoretical concepts to real-world scenarios through case studies and simulations.

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