Vedic Maths

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About Course

Vedic Mathematics is an ancient system of mathematics derived from the Vedas, ancient sacred texts of India. It offers a unique approach to solving mathematical problems, emphasizing mental calculations, simplicity, and speed. This course aims to introduce participants to the principles of Vedic Mathematics and equip them with techniques to solve complex mathematical problems swiftly and accurately.

What Will You Learn?

  • Introduction to Vedic Mathematics: Understand the history, principles, and significance of Vedic Mathematics.
  • Speed Calculation Techniques: Learn various tricks and methods to perform arithmetic calculations rapidly in your mind.
  • Multiplication Techniques: Master Vedic methods for multiplying large numbers effortlessly.
  • Division Techniques: Explore division methods that simplify complex division problems.
  • Addition and Subtraction Tricks: Discover shortcuts and strategies for quick addition and subtraction.
  • Squaring and Cubing: Learn techniques to square and cube numbers mentally with ease.
  • Shortcut Methods for Fractions: Simplify fraction calculations using Vedic Mathematics techniques.
  • Applying Vedic Mathematics in Real-life Scenarios: Apply Vedic Mathematics principles to solve practical problems efficiently.

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