Web Development

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About Course

This comprehensive web development bootcamp is designed to equip participants with the essential skills and knowledge needed to create dynamic and interactive websites from scratch. Through a combination of theoretical learning and hands-on practical exercises, students will delve into the fundamentals of web development, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and more advanced topics such as responsive design, frameworks, and deployment strategies.

What Will You Learn?

  • HTML fundamentals: Structure, tags, attributes, and semantic markup.
  • CSS basics: Styling elements, layouts, selectors, and responsive design principles.
  • JavaScript essentials: Variables, data types, control flow, functions, and DOM manipulation.
  • Advanced JavaScript concepts: ES6 features, asynchronous programming, and handling events.
  • Introduction to front-end frameworks: React.js or Angular.js.
  • Back-end development with Node.js: Setting up servers, handling requests, and working with databases.
  • Version control with Git: Basic commands, branching, merging, and collaboration workflows.
  • Deployment strategies: Hosting options, domain management, and continuous integration.
  • Best practices and optimization techniques for web development projects.

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